International Institute for Sustainable Development | Climate Change and Energy

From the IISD website:

"Climate change is one of the most critical challenges facing humanity today. The process of change unleashed by the rapid rise of atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions, historically and today, has the capacity to alter our economic systems, ecological networks and social relationships.

To minimize the adverse impacts of climate change, significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are needed on an urgent basis. Yet achieving these reductions will be challenging given current reliance on fossil fuel–based energy systems for the achievement of economic development. Combating climate change therefore requires finding answers to fundamental questions such as:

  • How do we significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions while still meeting the growing energy needs of developing countries?

  • How to we reduce the vulnerability of communities to the impacts of a changing climate?

  • How do we do this on an urgent basis?

Creative policy responses based on solid research, shared knowledge and strong partnerships are needed to provide answers to these questions.

IISD is working to provide progressive policy solutions in North America and at the global level that are supported by individuals, companies and governments that have the capacity to take concrete actions."

IISD research touches on a range of climate change issue areas. IISD reports, commentaries, and videos are made available via the IISD website.