Potential of geothermal heat exchangers for office building climatisation

TitlePotential of geothermal heat exchangers for office building climatisation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsEicker, U, Vorschulze C
JournalRenewable Energy
ISBN Number0960-1481
KeywordsBuilding climatisation, Geothermal cooling, Geothermal heat exchangers, Low energy cooling

Low depth geothermal heat exchangers can be efficiently used as a heat sink for building energy produced during summer. If annual average ambient temperatures are low enough, direct cooling of a building is possible. Alternatively the heat exchangers can replace cooling towers in combination with active cooling systems. In the current work, the performance of vertical and horizontal geothermal heat exchangers implemented in two office building climatisation projects is evaluated. A main result of the performance analysis is that the ground coupled heat exchangers have good coefficients of performance ranging from 13 to 20 as average annual ratios of cold produced to electricity used. Best performance is reached, if the ground cooling system is used to cool down high temperature ambient air. The maximum heat dissipation per meter of ground heat exchanger measured was lower than planned and varied between 8