How can references be added to the wiki? 

  • References may either be imported from a citation file or added manually
  • If imported from a citation file, the references must be individually edited to assign them to topic pages (the Related Topic field in the reference Edit tab)
  • Under either method, please ensure that a DOI or stable URL is included to allow for easy article access

How can references already in the wiki be added to a Topic Page?

  • To add a reference to a Topic Page, you must be in the Edit tab for the reference
  • Then, add the topic to the Related Topic field and click save
  • Note: references may take several minutes to display on the associated topic page(s)

How can topics be added to the topic outline?

  • Please first ensure that the topic does not already exist somewhere in the outline
  • After verifying that the topic does not yet exist, use the Add new Topic Page function

How to search for records

  • Use the Search Records function
  • Records may be searched by author, title, journal, abstract, or year of publication
  • Do not include quotations when performing multi-word searches—they aren’t necessary